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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Is Unique

This girl is living under a rock.  I spent Saturday with my friend Ash and she opened my eyes to a whole new world of thrifting with a little bit of american culture thrown in on the side- you know, for good measure.  Not only did I not know about this "all the rage" new thrift store but I got quite the befudled look when I didnt know what Livingsocial was.  Do you know?  If not there is a good chance we are cohabitating under the same rock.  AND... did you know that the government recently shutdown- Say what?!?!  Haha-- just joshin' you... I am not THAT out of it.  

Anyways.. Saturday was some funny times.  Me and Ash went to a place called "Unique Thrift Store" and let me tell you that place was insane and well, unique (har har). This place was no joke.  They had literally every item you could want and would never want all in the same warehouse together.  We are talking some thrift store underroos, old lady grey wigs, and bags filled with the most random chochski's.  Nothing was off limits here people.  Here are some pics Ash took with her camera phone...she insisted the blogging world NEEDED these pics:-) Sorry they are so tiny... the first pic is me holding ceramic chicken and rooster heads.  Dont get me wrong--I love me some ceramic animals like the best of them but these bad boys were a little much.

So after a afternoon fighting the craziness that was "Unique" this is what I brought home...

A silver shell... not 100% sure what Im going to put in here but its big and heavy duty and when Ash said she wasn't going to get it I scooped it up!  AND because you cant tell from the picture its size...its about the size of one and a half of my heads... and I have a pretty big dome from what I am told. OH!  The fabric under is my new table runner fabric (and basement pillow fabric) from IKEA... $2.99 a yard-- Wa-Hoo!

A pretty little vase wrapped in rope-- i'm thinking about making a whole bunch of these for my dining room centerpiece.  It seems almost too easy not to do, huh? 

A large pedestal bowl.  This bad boy is sitting on my coffee table and is going to be the landing place for our remotes.  It is pretty large... like 3 or 4 of my heads. 

Anyone else have any great finds from this weekend?!?

Hope its a GREAT week!



  1. I ♥ thrifting! There's so much fun in never knowing what you're going to find! : )

  2. *lol* I loved that you measured everything in comparison to your head. I'll have to find a way to make it out to that thrift store. Seems like it is an experience :)