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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ta-Da! Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Ok ok ok... I failed, I admit it. Feel free to shake your head at me, its well deserved.  I haven't posted on my poor little blog in MONTHS!  What started as a need for a break in order to focus on a major event at work turned into months and months of silence.  The thing is, I knew I needed to post something but after two months of no posts I felt like I needed a major item to blog about instead of the inconsequential items that I could come up with--- so the silence continued.  

Well my friends the day has come-- I finally did something BIG--- well big enough to pull this blog-o-mine out of hibernation.  I PAINTED THE KITCHEN CABINETS WHITE!!!  If you have read my blog at all you would know that I have begged and pleaded for this for years, seriously years.  Dan wasn't so sure about taking brand new cabinets and throwing paint all over them (his words not mine) for fear of ruining a perfectly fine cabinet.  I have to admit he made some valid points-- so valid in fact that when he said, "hey I watched a commercial last night about some cabinet makeover kit by Rust-Oleum and it looks kind of neat-- what do you think" I kind of had a moment of panic. What if it did look awful?!?!  I love me some projects but I am by no means a perfectionist and I tend to get bored with a project about 5 minutes after it starts so a so-so outcome was possible.  Of course that was all internal-- I was all sorts of confident with Dan.  

So off I went the very next day and purchased the Rust-Oleum cabinet makeover kit in pure white. I was pretty psyched b/c it was labor day weekend and I was fairly confidant that at the end of the three day weekend my kitchen would be done. Um- yeah right.  It has taken- no joke- three weeks to complete this project and that includes working weekends and weekdays.  The cabinet door fronts took 6-- yes S-I-X coats of paint which equals three of the small Rust-Oleum kits.  Technically I only needed one kit and 5 of the paint cans but in order to purchase the paint you have to purchase the kits.  If anyone is in need of the kit-- minus the paint, let me know:-)

Okay so enough blubbering-- I followed the kit to a "T" and am pretty psyched about the outcome.  If you are one of those people that considers painting over lovely wood a crime-- then feel free to gasp in horror :-)

Original Kitchen-- Right after moving in

This is about six months ago-- after I decided to paint the kitchen island white.

Here is the kitchen now!  Forgive the odd lighting-- I really should learn how to use this camera of mine.  Its a little stark now BUT we are going to paint the walls and put a backsplash in-- just need to figure out which one:-)

So.... Im dying to know what you think?!?!  Love it? Hate it?  Don't really care? OH BTW-- I got a AMAZING dining room hutch the other day for $50.00 Love me a good deal!



  1. It looks AMAZING!!! I love it!:)

  2. LOVE IT! You should totally write to the Rust-Oleum people and suggest selling just the paint, and link to your blog! :-) Welcome back to the blogging world!

  3. Thanks girls! Lacy I think I am going to--- It would have saved me so much money if they sold the paint separate from the kit.

  4. It looks great! and YAY for blogging again :)
    - Christine

  5. It looks so good! You amaze me =)

  6. I LOVE IT!! I'm glad you're back too! :)

  7. wow!!!! I love it. my wood cabinets are soo old. i'm not sure they would turn out this good. chrystal

  8. Wow, what a stunning kitchen! Totally worth ALL your hard work Carolyn, it really paid off!! LOVE!

  9. I want to see the seams. Open the door and let's see what it looks like where you stopped painting. Also - how long have they been like that now? Any bubbles? Is the surface smooth?

  10. I think it looks REALLY good! I have been dying to do the same to my kitchen but am pretty terrifed. I, like the last poster, would love an update to hear how well it is holding up.

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