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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Happy weekend!  I am not sure about you all but I am majorly feeling like brightening up this house for the spring and summer!  I pulled out my seashells and plethora of white crap and now the house looks like it vomited "summer" :-)  

Anywho-- you know how we ordered our new leather sectional for the basement?  Well, its still not here... we have three more weeks to go which seems like F-O-R-E-V-E-R... I don't wait well, which means this is painful.  I decided to work on some "art" for our basement, which is void of really anything at the moment besides a random coffee table, or two, so its ready to go once the couch makes its way into our basement.  So I have already worked on the yarn wreaths I showed you the other day and my latest project are these little works of art...

Go ahead and take a moment to oohh and ahhh:-)

So, not that you really need to watch me put these bad boys together but lets be real, this is a blog and I have nothing better to talk about, so humor me please.. 

I picked up some 13 x 13 album frames from Michael's-- I had been looking for these forever but all of the ones I found were $8 or $9 bucks.. not much but when you need 8 of them it gets a little pricey for a cheap project.  SO... I checked the Michael's weekend ads every week and finally found these on sale for $4.99 THEN I cut out a little bonus 25% off coupon for the entire purchase and bought all 8 of them for just over $30.00!  

When I found this packet of 8 large stickers at Homegoods for $12.99- it was a moment. A BIG moment. I could have cried-- they were exactly what I had been looking for and they were BEYOND cheap.    

They were meant to be stuck directly to a wall but I thought they would look SO much better all framed up and fancy looking.  See sticky...

I opened the back of the frame and got myself all ready to cut the sticker and place it in.. I figured there was no need to unpeel it since it would be framed. 

This is about the moment that I realized I majorly failed.  My frame was about 1/2 inch too big.. so off to plan B... luckily the frame had a perfectly sized white piece of paper in it that I was able to peel and stick my "sticker" onto-- it made for a slightly larger white outline that was slightly noticeable but only if you really stare at it. I couldn't take a picture of the peel and stick process cause it was STRESSFUL... I kept getting pockets of air and then the sticker wouldn't come off... not a good time at all. 

 At the end of the day I am in love!  My couch needs to get here soon so I can hang these bad boys up!

Hope you all are having a GREAT weekend!



  1. Holy cow!! I LOVE these! You made them look so good and now I feel like I need them. What part of the store did you find them in???

    The look wonderful!

  2. Thanks Joi! I found them in the stationary section along with the other peel and stick wall decorations. When I went this was the only pack they had, but thats not abnormal for my homegoods.. good luck finding a pack! If I happen to see them again I'll grab a pack for you :-)

  3. Carolyn--Thanks for the info! I SOOO want those. If you do find them, please pick them up for me and I will definitely pay you for them + shipping. I really want them. : )

  4. I seriously LOVE them! Such a great idea and the colors are amazing. Can't wait to see the final room!

  5. OMG! I did this same project back in November! I bought the decals for $9.99 at Homegoods and bought the SAME frames at Michaels with a coupon. I have placed them above my brown sectional BUT sadly I have started to hate them because it bubbles up.. I can clearly see the creases while no one else can until I point it out. At this point I don't know what to do.

  6. NOOO!!! Say it isnt so..! I will be so devestated if mine start to bubble up...eak!

  7. does anyone know where I can buy these wall tiles?
    or are they something that you have to run into by luck?