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Sunday, March 27, 2011

tulle time

Does anyone know what time it is?  Tulle Time!!! Don't get too excited this post is not about JTT (for those non Tool Time fans that would be Jonathan Taylor Thomas) but about the amazingness that is a roll of tulle.  One of my most favorite people in the world had a sprinkle today (Hi Ash!!) and I decided to try my hand at making her little female bun in the oven a homemade tutu! This is the kind of project that makes even the most non-crafty people feel like superstars.

So how did I make it?  Well, I picked three colors of tulle; white, light pink, and dark pink and role of elastic and with my sewing machine I was off.

Here is the elastic that I bought.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this step but all I did was cut a piece of elastic-- I guesstimated on how big around a baby would be and I sewed the two end together so I had a round piece of elastic.  I was thinking you could probably find a stretchy headband (you know the workout ones??) and use that if you don't want to sew the piece together.

Then I grabbed my tulle.. here are two of the colors I chose... blush and bashful (i.e. pink and pink... Name that Movie!!)

I cut strips of the tulle... again I totally guesstimated on the length... The tulle is wrapped around the band so it ends up being half of the length.  Keep in mind that the longer it is the longer the skirt will be. You basically take the piece of tulle and wrap it around the elastic band so that it is equal length on both sides... then you tie the tulle in the knot twice...that's it!  I did alternating colors so a piece of light pink then dark pink the whole way around 

Close up and personal shots of the lovely knots.

Here is the finished product!  Looks like a fairy skirt:-)  Dan looked at it and said "How big is this baby supposed to be" and I realized that I went a little large so I made another one that has a smaller waistband and shorter pieces of tulle.

                                                                Here is the little one!

Anyone else have some fun with tulle this weekend?!?



  1. Carolyn,

    My girls ran around in tulle skirts yesterday! The ones you made were awesome! They look like some of the non-homemade ones we have. You could sell those.
    And remind Dan that babies grow. ;)

  2. Ahh- precious! Love a little girl in a tutu AND I also love that its totally acceptable for little girls to wear them out and about. A tutu at the grocery store is beyond cute to me.

  3. Hi Carolyn, my two year old loves her tulle skirts too. Thanks for the tutorial! I came over by way of Joi's blog and your blog is great and you are so funny! The movie is Steel Magnolias....:) I'm hearing Julia Roberts in my head with a Southern accent, "Mah colors are blush and bahshful."

  4. YAY Jennifer! Thanks for stopping in:-) Lets hope I can keep up the humor-- its a tall order:-)