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Thursday, March 24, 2011

wrap it up!

Well its official! I have a new found obsession with yarn wreaths :-)  For all you avid readers you will recall that I picked up some cheap-o wreaths at my local thrift store a few weeks ago.  Well, I decided to fashion them into some pretty wreaths for my soon-to-be updated basement.  I made a yarn wreaths back in January but didn't really go over how to make them since I was battling a case of the "blah's" so today is your lucky day! 

Here is how I got started.

Grab some wreaths (covered in plastic), some yarn, and some felt

Wrap and wrap and wrap away... I went over mine twice to
make sure the wreath didn't peek through

Ta-da!  All wrapped up!

Take a piece of felt and cut it into a big circle...
symmetry doesn't count obviously, as mine is all jacked up:-)

Then cut around the edge so you have some squiggle to it like this.  
This is a project that doesn't require perfection- thank goodness!

Then starting at any point begin cutting the circle around and around

Keep going...

Almost there...

Ahh.. all done!  The end will have a little nub like mine does

Starting at the beginning (i.e not the nub piece) start rolling your felt around and around

Keep going... man alive do I need a mani!  Step judging people and lets move on... :-)

Once you are done, flip the flower over and this is what the bottom will look like

Grab some glue... this is what I used

Put a little glue on the nub

And did you guess whats next?  Fold it over and press

This is what your flower will look like...perdy right!

Then take your wrapped up wreath and glue your flower on

Here is my wreath!!  Not sure where this is going in the basement but I am LOVING it!
I have one more wreath to work on and am thinking that I will use the same color yarn but I'm not sure if I should do the same color flowers or if I should change it up slightly by using dark grey, white and maybe a pop of blue.  What do you all think?

Hope its been a great past few weeks for you all!